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David Cowles

Jun 16, 2022

“Do I really have to wait three months for more ATM?" No, you do not! We’ve decided to add a special issue (7/15) to our 2022 publication schedule. Here's what we have planned...

As you know, Aletheia Today (AT) published Issue #1 of our quarterly periodical, AT Magazine (ATM), on June 1. We had high hopes for this first issue, and so far, the results have exceeded our expectations.

Since announcing on 5/1 our plans to publish AT Magazine (ATM) Issue #1 on 6/1…

  • Our site has had 1,000 visits,

  • From 750 unique visitors,

  • Who viewed an average of 6 pages per visit.

Plus, we now have almost 400 subscribers! One of our new subscribers commented, “Do I really have to wait 3 months for more ATM?” No, you do not! We’ve decided to add a Special Issue (7/15) to our 2022 publication schedule. ATM Issue #2 will be released on 7/15. Our regular schedule will resume with Issue #3 to be released on 9/1 as planned.

We’re calling Issue #2 our ‘Beach Issue.’ In the spirit of the season, we are adding some ‘lighter’ fare this time around; the focus is on fun! Articles already queued up for Issue #2 include:

  • How to Coach an Undefeated Football Team

  • The life lessons of a 4x winner!

  • Teaching Physics in the 21st century

  • Using the Yellow Submarine as the text.

  • The Sultan and The Sea

  • A Sufi tale retold for readers 8 to 80.

  • Jesus is Badass

  • A reexamination of Jesus’ life.

  • For our summer theater aficionados, Nihilism in Shakespeare.

  • Original poetry and Haiku.

  • New Challenges for readers of all ages.

Look for ATM Issue #2 in your inbox on July 15. Meanwhile, be sure to keep reading Thoughts While Shaving, published every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the year.

P.S. We have already received more than a dozen inquiries from independent authors who are interested in writing freelance for ATM. We are still accepting inquiries and submissions for both upcoming issues: Issue #2 (7/15) and Issue #3 (9/1).

Interested in advertising in AT Magazine? Contact editor@aletheiatoday.com. We are also open to reciprocal links. Thanks for your loyalty! Let us know what else we can do to meet your needs.

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