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“Value-based judgments assume a transcendent point of view and sooner or later, that way of thinking leads to God-talk and any such talk is strictly verboten.” 

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“Popular music after World War II is a treasure trove for the philosophically curious… Paraphrasing Ecclesiastes, there’s a time to wind and a time to unravel, and now is the time to unravel.”


“Turns out, I am the Worldwide Wrinkle…and so are you!”

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“There is only one I am, shared by YHWH and Jesus…and me…and you…and Rene Descartes (…ergo sum).” 

Ship of Thesesu-Aletheia Today

“Bakunin was fierce in his profession of atheism; but unlike his Marxist counterparts, he was not shy about using the language of Judeo-Christian theology to make his points.”


"I would like to be an intellectually honest spiritual seeker, a warm and loving and dynamic wife and mother, a supportive friend; but at the end of the day, I look in the mirror, and see an annoyed and tired dish rag, and all I want to do is have a cup of coffee and a bar of chocolate. Warm dynamic spiritual seeker aside, anyone who stands between me and my mug is in for it."

Cognitive Dissonance-Aletheia Today

"Like most people of my generation, I cringe when I hear the M word."

Korach Over Dinner-Aletheia Today

“…The spacetime world of matter and energy, 14 billion years old and almost 100 billion light years across, is not the final word.”

Image by Sylvain Brison

“Tell us what you did (read) on your summer vacation!”

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"We can only speculate what the six boys on the island in the Pacific Ocean would have done if they had run out of food – but whatever it is, I would certainly not draw any conclusions from it in terms of the essence of human nature."

Lord of the Flies-Aletheia Today.jpg

“We live under another emperor today. It is even more insidious than Constantine for it appears that this is all for our good.”

What Are My Values-Aletheia Today.png

Author Regan Penaluna on female philosophy and the risks of being too smart throughout history...


“Of course, no one needs to invoke Mary’s intercession… (but) imagine OJ without his Dream Team.”

Ave Maria - Aletheia Today.png

"...of course it would be the home of a hamster with a preference for a song about a bunch of sinners on a cruise ship begging for a revival."

Burying Biscuit -- Aletheia Today.png

"This is a rally cry for believers to be the most enchanted people on the planet. Otherwise, what are we even doing here? "

Summer of Enchantment-Aletheia Today (1).png

"Once upon a time, a grittier version of me roamed barefoot and luxuriated not in material but in emotional response. "

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What's the buzz about? Our readers' reactions to Aletheia Today...


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