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Inside Our Yuletide Issue

“I am my own great-grandmother (‘Eve’). Eerie…not to mention incestuous."

Philosophy article Aletheia Today

“Following the science, LP assumes that the same act, performed under the same conditions, will always produce the same result…it’s true, precisely 0% of the time!”

Positivism and Aletheia Today

“Does the idea of a Supreme Being make you uncomfortable? No problem; just will it away!”

Why We Need God and aletheia today

“Pragmatics is now the measure of all things. Unless we intervene!”

Utilitarianism and Aletheia Today

“Isaiah’s vision of Eschaton is a vision of a world without conflict. Is such a world even conceivable? If it is, is it possible to conceive of Eschaton as anything other than such a world?”

who is the King of Christmas and Aletheia Today

“We are asking Christ to come… to teach us, rescue us, shine on us, free us and, repeated three times, to save us.”

The ‘O Antiphons’ and Aletheia Today

"In our zeal to project our conceptions of The Ideal Woman onto this enigmatic first-century figure, we’ve strayed a bit from the little we do know."

The Magnificat and Aletheia Today

“So what is it that makes children so much better than us? First…a child is not a ‘mini-you’… Is an Octopus a mini-you? Then neither is a child.”

Christ and children and Aletheia Today

“…When your identity is indefinitely plastic, when events are no longer ‘orientable’, when relations are neither transitive nor commutative, that’s Love…actually.”

Love...Actually! and Aletheia Today

"Just as the ocean's waves weave tales in their dance, polymaths craft stories of innovation by seamlessly blending knowledge from diverse domains."

Polymaths and aletheia Today

“In the eternal present, not only is every historical event preserved in real time, but every possible event is preserved as well.“

Do you Know Noh and Aletheia Today

For more than two millennia, the Star of Bethlehem, which guided the Magi to the city where Jesus was born, has been rousing the curiosity of researchers worldwide.

The Mystery of the Star of Bethlehem and Aletheia Today

"Maybe it was that I, myself, had just given birth—but as I held the perfectly composed Mary in my hand, she no longer felt believable."

Refresh the Creche this Advent and Aletheia Today

 I often ponder over what drives individuals to opt for a deceitful path rather than a righteous one. 

Choices that Lead to Deception and Aletheia Today

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Readers React -Aletheia Today

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