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If counting is such a powerful tool, how is it that for the most part, we don’t count?

Mommy Math -Aletheia Today

You say, "Big Bang;" we say, "Genesis." You say, "Constantine;" we say, "Ascension." 

Aletheia Today - Cosmic Crossroads

This excerpt from the writings of St. Paul is among the best-known passages in Judeo-Christian scripture. But what does it really mean?

Faith Hope and Love -Aletheia Today

The Bible doesn’t tell us what John saw, but it does tell us that the breaking of the seventh seal was followed by half an hour of total silence. Why?

The Book of Revelation Aletheia Today

Thirty years after the death of Jesus, St. Paul quoted an already ancient Christology…a TOE.”

The Theory of Everything - Einstein -Aletheia Today

What would happen if we read the Old Testament in reverse order? From back to front. What if we began with Malachi and ended with Genesis? 

How to read the Bible - Aletheia Today

Every day is Halloween…Every day I get to make the decision anew: who am I going to be today?

Philosophy and Costumes - Aletheia Today

The world in which we seem to live might not be the only world there is…or all there is to this world. 

Philosophy and Process Philosophy - Aletheia Today

Ecbatan may share the seven-ringed pattern of the solar system, but Paradise shares the seven-ringed pattern of Ecbatan!

Ectaban - Aletheia Today

Some people's search takes them to Fatima or Lhasa or into Outer Space. Mine took me to the dentist.

Systemic Philosophy - Aletheia Today

Next time someone asks you for your ‘pronouns,’ try telling them, ‘you/you’…see what happens.

Gender Pronouns - Aletheia Today

The role of the artist is to challenge “common sense,” to point out the unrecognized assumptions that underpin naïve realism and to suggest certain directions we might travel in pursuit of deeper truth.

Kandinsky- Aletheia Today

Pulling that off was more artistic in his opinion than any of the “new age” stuff out there pushing the envelope.

Philosophy - Aletheia Today

Why ‘milk and honey?’ Why not ‘sour grapes and corn mash?’ Turns out, it’s all about the honey! 

Process Philosophy - Aletheia Today

You may be thinking, “WHAAAT? That’s impossible! Who could live without numbers? If they don’t have them, then they must invent them, right?” But you would be wrong.

Philosophy - Aletheia Today

If Zeno can defeat his teacher, the whole class wins! Zeno today, me tomorrow!

Mythology - Aletheia Today

“But deliver us from evil,” this last verse is the key to entire prayer.

St. Paul's Prayer - Aletheia Today

What scared me was that something I never thought was possible just might be. 

The afterlife Aletheia Today

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