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In this issue of ATM, we will finish our journey. We will visit all the remaining “seas” (I promise), plus Pepperland itself. So, hang on tight!

Science and The Yellow Submarine - Aletheia Today

Confining events within a single order of magnitude reinforces our tendency to categorize events as past, present, or future. After all, if a quantum of experience can be no more than one second long, almost everything must seem past or future from that perspective.

Philosophy of Time -Aletheia Today

Ridding the world of values comes at a very great price: “…they paved Paradise and put up a parking lot!”

Values - Aletheia Today

Who says there was no Facebook before Zuckerberg? It was just called ‘philosophy.’

Parmenides - Aletheia Today

The hidden grammar censor in our Euro-brains whispers inaudibly, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Why did the speaker place ‘tall’ and ‘basketball’ in the same sentence, unless they are somehow connected?” A major fallacy that comes with a huge price tag.

Don't Sleep There Are Snakes - Aletheia Today

If a tiny thread had the power to ruin a movie, what in my own life, deep in the background, bears such importance to my bigger picture? And if it’s so important, why isn’t it front and center?

Philosophy and Movies - Aletheia Today

How is it that God can perform the miracle of Incarnation? Or to put it more accurately, how is it that God is the miracle of Incarnation.

Corinthians Scripture Study - Aletheia Today

Ultimately, the Kingdom of Heaven is the transfiguration of the historical realm into the eternal realm, according to God’s values.

The Book of Psalms Scripture Study - Aletheia Today

“Language Endures. We Don’t” – now that is a bumper sticker!

Language - Aletheia Today

Pulling that off was more artistic in his opinion than any of the “new age” stuff out there pushing the envelope.

Social Dynamics - Aletheia Today

In Looking-glass world, there’s plenty of there and then, but not a whiff of here and now.

Through the Looking Glass - Aletheia Today

So, what’s up with the Piraha? How can they get by without numbers?

Don't Sleep There are Snakes - Aletheia Today

This nasty turn unnerved me, so I gathered myself together and drew a table with my comfortable beatitudes on one side and my uncomfortable ones on the other...

What We Can Learn from Judas - Aletheia Today

Land is imbued with holiness, which means that, like God, it is beyond human measures of usefulness or control.

BeHukkotai- Aletheia Today

Is the Sermon ‘in the can’ after all?

The Serenity Prayer - Aletheia Today

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