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“I need have no fear of time, that ‘great eraser’. I don’t live because of the past or for the future. I live by and for the present.” 

Where does time go Aletheia Today

“Don’t our morals reflect our values?... Yes, they are related…they are antonyms!”

Friedrich Nietzsche Aletheia Today

“Mythology is common to all ages. There is no theology, philosophy, or science without it.”

modern-day mythology Aletheia Today

“My so-called inner world, the ‘I’, contains nothing; it is simple. It admits no change…there is no inner world.”  

I Seem to Be a membrane Aletheia Today

"That Christ ushered in this new era of life and liberation in the presence of women, and that he sent them out as the first witnesses of the complete gospel story, is perhaps the boldest, most overt affirmation of their equality in his kingdom that Jesus ever delivered."

Mary Magdalene and Christ after the Resurrection-Aletheia Today-scripture study

"This matzah, which we set aside as a symbol of hope for the thousands of women who are anchored to marriages in name only, reminds us that slavery comes in many forms."

Women at the Seder-Passover-Aletheia Today-Jewish customs

"In any case, Pentecost turns out to be a big deal after all. Reformed folk can join with those claiming to be a “full-gospel church”—maybe even remind the others of some overlooked elements in that mix."

Pentecost meaning Aletheia Today scripture study

"Let us follow  these biblical women and Harriet Tubman’s unflinching courage. Let us be agents in our time in the political arena to support and stand with all who struggle for freedom here in America, in the Middle East, and around the world."

Women at the Seder-Passover-Aletheia Today-Jewish customs

“This is what we do on Sunday nights and Mondays during football season: we play 'what if' and 'if only'.”

What football and quantum mechanics have in common-Aletheia Today

“…Walk through the streets of Jerusalem, through the marketplace at
Mahane Yehudah, and find distinctly Judaized foods, dress, music, and customs from every part of
the world.”

Jewish History-Exodus-Aletheia Today-Chabad

"So much of Easter focuses on conquering death itself, but overlooking the freedom that the resurrection offers this life skips over a sizable chunk of the miracle."

The Gift of the Resurrection is More than Heaven-Aletheia Today-scripture study-Annie D. Stutley writer

“This one day converges mythology (Norse), cosmology (Pagan), theology (Christian) and ideology (Marxist) with ancient fertility rites. And for my next trick…”

May Day traditions-Aletheia Today-spirituality

“Were Handel and Jennens dog whistle revolutionaries?... It is one thing to criticize the secular State, yet another to call for dashing it to pieces.”

Handel's Messiah-Aletheia Today

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