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Just in the Nick of Time

The Yellow Submarine Aletheia Today

So, you have reborn your magazine just in the nick of time given the state of the world…

Beginning with Yellow Submarine, of course; didn’t I see it multiple times back in the day? So, I felt I was on firm ground …

This notion of people seeing the same movie is a joke. I left the movie feeling - the colors ! 

Dave walked out thinking, “Yellow Submarine is a cosmogenic cookbook.” Can you all spot the difference?

Beginning with Yellow Submarine, you made me look up ‘ontological.' Undeterred, I read on straight into, “Picasso was painting in a Cubist style before Einstein conceived General Relativity." I believe that’s correct.

Later in the article, you warn us, “more Whitehead to come.” Now, that’s some summer reading. And, by summer, I mean the whole summer. 

Back to saving the world cuz Time is running out, you know ? 

Every lively magazine needs critics, cantankerous readers who write in provocative comments causing your 

loyal supporters to take umbrage all over the place, provoking more offenses- creating a buzz. That’s the world right now.

By the way, is umbrage a great word or what?  "Hey Honey, did you remember to bring your umbrage with you?"

So, a buzz is what’s needed here ...

--John O’Brien

Keep Me on Your List!

Great reading. Keep me on your list!

--Anonymous from Geneva, IL

June cover of Aletheia Today

His Way, Not Mine

Prayer for God's Will Aletheia Today

Amen! His will, not mine. Thank you for this beautiful prayer.

--Patti Burkett

What a Lucky Guy!

Playing music for inner peace Aletheia Today

What a lucky guy to have found this vehicle! Of course, all the pieces came into his life with perfect timing. His concert experience when he was 14-years-old triggering his whole life in music leading to inner peace.

--John E. O'Brien

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