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Inside Our Harvest Issue

“In this model, God is a giant switching station, sharing qualities among myriad monads.”

Leibniz and Aletheia Today

“What You See Is What You Get! Right…or wrong?”

What You See Is What You Get and Aletheia Today

“Because every event is sui generis, no event causes any other event! That said, every event contributes to the Actual World of every subsequent event.”

Causality and the Gita and Aletheia Today

“…This modified Turing Test is designed to root out ‘Carbon Privilege’, the unstated but nearly universal assumption that carbon-based life forms are somehow ‘better’ than their silicon siblings.”

The New Turing Test and Aletheia Today

“Right now, scientists and philosophers all over the world are engaged in the search for a ‘TOE’, a Theory of Everything…(but) we already have such a TOE.”

Is God Dead and Aletheia Today

“Genesis is no longer something that explains; it has become something that has to be explained away.”

Genesis and the 7th Day and Aletheia Today

"Clever schemes and novel doctrines won't save us. Stay faithful to the truth of God in Jesus and live with confidence, even in these shaky times."

Detail-The-Deeds-of-Antichrist-Luca-Signorelli and Aletheia Today

“Satan glorified political power for its own sake. He defended the socio-economic status quo…Jesus’ mother proclaimed a political and economic revolution...”

Satan, Mary, and ‘da Judge’ and Aletheia Today

"Like at Passover, most Jews who celebrate Sukkot encounter it in spaces where people can honor their values, cultures or histories."

Sukkot and Aletheia Today

“Parents dote on their royal highnesses…and rarely miss an opportunity to damage them in the process.”

Criminal childhood and Aletheia Today

"Nonhuman animals do, in fact, engage in resistance, even if their defiance is futile. The will to prefer life over death is a primary act of resistance, perhaps the only act of dissent available to animals who are subject to extreme forms of control."

Animal Memes and Aletheia Today

“Marx’s hypothesis that a person’s voting habits would be determined by their relationship to the means of production was blown out of the water…”

Political Alienation and Aletheia Today

“An idol is that with no this…the sound of one hand clapping. It is Alice’s Cheshire Cat – all face, no body; all hat, no cattle!”

Idolatry and Aletheia Today

"A lot of people celebrate fall season with pumpkin pie, sweaters, and taking in crisp mornings. I love all of those, but mostly fall is a season to meditate on colors, death, and divine presence."

The Autumn of Our Own Equinox and Aletheia Today

"Autumn is a season of Remembrance – where we remember what God has done for us and are thankful and praise Him for His Goodness."

The Dance of autumn and Aletheia Today

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Readers React -Aletheia Today

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