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Inside Our Special AI Issue

“It is the very mark of a perverse desire that it seeks what is not to be had… As long as you are governed by that desire, you will never get what you want.” 

CS Lewis-Aletheia Today and Aletheia Today

“Boka, is it true you used to drive 10 miles to see a doctor once a year and called that healthcare?”  

AI and Healthcare-Aletheia Today

“I…propose…that we make this the test, not Turing’s, of whether a bot is conscious."

Bots and Beauty-Aletheia Today

"Advances in neurotechnology do raise important privacy concerns. However, I believe these debates can overlook more fundamental threats to privacy."

Neurotechnology-Aletheia Today

"ChatGPT can be smart, but it can never be holy. In being an e-being, precisely because its intelligence is artificial, it is necessarily alienated from the Divine. It can only be 'as if,' never truly as."

CHAT God-Aletheia Today

"Imagine if AI had its own commandments, like 'Thou shalt treat all data equally.' Encouraging ethical principles in AI programming can keep its decisions in line with virtues like fairness, justice, and empathy."

Navigating the Nexus of AI-Aletheia Today

"Prayer, for many, is more than just a laundry list of requests. It's a profound act of opening oneself to the divine, a dialogue between the mortal and the eternal."

Divine Connection or Digital Dalliance-Aletheia Today

"The evolution has begun, and I believe that the arts are going to be a very important partner for technology. Could this be the beginning of the next Golden Age? Absolutely."

WILBER'S NEW WIFE-Aletheia Today

"When AI does our writing for us, we diminish opportunities to think out problems for ourselves."

CHATGPT robs students-Aletheia Today

"Writing is not like Athena, springing fully formed from Zeus’ forehead. Writing is like all of Zeus’ other children, where he has to relate to someone for creation (and boy, does he relate). To create things, we need other people. It takes two to tango, two to make a child, and around 12 to make a sitcom."

The Ease of Burden-Aletheia Today

"The longing is powerful. Perhaps because this is the longing for unconditional love and acceptance with which every human being is born."

AI our new frenemy-Aletheia Today

"AI will virtually obliterate the barrier between what can be known and what is known."

AI and the Quest for Answers-Aletheia Today

"The fact of the matter is, we will never be like God, nor will we ever be able to create a system that knows everything, is capable of anything, and controls all things."

Call me a dinosaur - I won't use AI-Aletheia Today

"Placing faith in AI to originate creations like art and music may lead to disillusionment. Ultimately, the true creator is a higher force."

AI Trajectory-Aletheia Today

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Readers React -Aletheia Today

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