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Inside Our Winter Issue

“I am what the Universe sees when it looks in the mirror.”

Klein bottle and aletheia today

“What if there was an election where everyone was eager to vote…but nobody cared who won? It’s happened!”

Why you should vote and aletheia today

“Anyone can go for a walk in the woods; only Frost can ‘walk this way’.”

Robert Frost and Aletheia Today

“Take Vegas! The casino’s ‘edge’ is as little as 1% on some bets. At those odds, I should be able to play forever…but probability is not actuality.”

Determinism…or Entanglement Aletheia Today

“The simplest unicellular species display behaviors that are clearly cognitive in nature.”

A ‘New’ Old Theory of Consciousness and aletheia today

"Faith is not belief without evidence; it's the content of a relationship with God and is based upon the private experience of God's love."

Faith Is Not Belief Without Evidence and aletheia today

“Sturluson searched for the universal patterns that connect all times, all places, and all scales…and, Glory be to God, he found them.”

Mythology and Marvel Comics and aletheia today

"First impressions swiftly shape neural pathways, steering our social interactions through rapid cognitive processes."

The Science Behind the 7-Second Rule and aletheia today

“Macaulay Culkin is ‘every boy’ and his Home Alone family is ‘America’s family’ – except it’s not!”

Home Alone's effect on families

New research is revealing surprising complexity in the minds of goats, pigs, and other livestock.

Farm animals and aletheia today

In the heart of poverty, a community's spirit shines, defying limitations, and embracing hope against all odds.

Mamisoa and aletheia today

Embracing clarity, forgiveness, and purpose

A Prayer for Wisdom and Forgiveness and Aletheia Today

What's the buzz about? Our readers' reactions to Aletheia Today...

Readers React -Aletheia Today

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