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Submission Guidelines

Write for us!

AT Magazine, a publication of Aletheia Today, is a new online quarterly at the intersection of philosophy, theology, and science. AT is looking for independent writers, new as well as established, to contribute to upcoming issues. Specifically, we are looking for feature length articles (1500 words or less), original prayers (300 words or less), short stories (2500 words or less), and poems (500 words or less). Click here to view our community of writers. 

Specs for All Submissions:​

  • All completed work must be submitted through the online submissions form. (See link below.)

  • All submissions must include a title and credited image.

  • All submissions must include a headshot and a short (100 words or less) author bio with social handles.

  • All submissions should focus on one of the following topics:

    • The Great Convergence: Science & Theology in the 21st Century

      • 1000 A.D: Pope Sylvester II is the most respected scientist and mathematician in Europe. Since then, science and theology have diverged, to the detriment of both. Essays in this section will explore the ongoing convergence of science and theology in contemporary thinking.

    • Theology

      • Essays relating to the beliefs, values, customs, traditions and practices of Jews and Christians.​

    • Philosophy 

      • Essays on all facets of Western philosophy are welcome. We especially welcome essays on pre-Socratic Greek philosophy and/or 20th century Process philosophy (e.g., Whitehead).

    • Culture & the Arts

      • Contemporary society--its beliefs, values, and accomplishments; plus, original poetry and fiction.

    • Tweens, Teens, & Young Adults

      • Feature articles, stories, and poems especially suited (in style & content) to our younger readers.

      • Contributions from ‘pre-adult’ writers encouraged as well.

    • Education, Evangelization, & Prayer

      •  How do you educate and evangelize from within the ‘Valley of the Shadow of Death’ (secular culture)

      • How do you incorporate scripture and prayer into family, work, and daily life?

      • What do familiar prayers mean to you?

      • Original prayers and meditations welcome (must include a brief reflection).


All work must be original. We will republish the author's previously published essays with credit to and permission from the original publication only. We will not use any images without a credit.


Submission Due Dates:​ We accept unsolicited submissions throughout the year.

Writers’ Comp (paid for original work only, not republications):

  • For feature length articles and short stories, $250 per published article or short story plus a $100 bonus once the author’s work has reached 100 unique views. 

  • For original prayers and poems, $100 per published piece plus a $50 bonus once the author’s work has reached 100 unique views.


For questions about submissions, email


Feel free, but not required, to email us a proposal, pitch, or query to the email address above prior to submitting your completed work.

To becomes an AT Contributor, submit your work online; click here.

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