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Inside Our Holy Days 2024 Issue

“In the absence of God, or any transcendent reality, the meaning of life can only be death, oblivion, and the total absence of meaning – aka the Absurd.”

The Meaning of Life.png

“Yellow Submarine did for the Divine Comedy what West Side Story did for Romeo & Juliet…but I very much doubt the Beatles had any idea what they’d done!”

Dante and the Yellow Submarine.png

“God is ‘special’ only to that extent that in God, A and Ω are one…God is what it means to initiate and what it means to culminate.”

Frost Diamond.png

“Things are the way they are simply because they are the way they are.”


“The Gospel of Mark is no biography…It’s a call to action, a manifesto, a How to manual for non-violent guerilla warriors everywhere, 1st century…or 21st.”

Marx vs. Mark.png

“I’m willing to bet there are some people out there (actually, a lot of people) who would literally love to spend their careers revealing the presence of God to others.”

Sacramental Priesthood .png

“Learning begins with curiosity and children are nothing but question-boxes.”

The Wonder School.png

“Change cannot entail the annihilation of what changes… Something of what was must be conserved or it’s not ‘change’ at all, is it?”

The Concept of Death.png

"In the silence of loss, I cling to the whispers of hope, believing that beyond the veil of goodbye, our beloved pets wait, their love an eternal beacon guiding us through the darkness."

Rainbow Bridge into Heaven.png

"There is evidence that, in the backs of the disciples' minds, there was always the glimmer of the same question that shimmers on my frontal lobe today: 'But what if we’ve gotten it all wrong about him?'"

Comfort for Clumsy Believers.png

"Jesus was always teaching. Teaching, all the time."

Navigating Easter to Penetecost.png

"We will adorn our scars with gold and reminisce on our journey—guided by hope."


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