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Inside Our Summer 2024 Issue

“Fukuyama proclaimed ‘The End of History’ with a celebratory flourish. But be careful what you celebrate!”

The End of History.png

“Everything I needed to know about cosmology, I learned watching my grandchildren play with blocks.”

Playing with blocks.png

“Whatever is, is self-aware, and what is self-aware, is!”

Some Thing or No Thing.png

“1,500 years ago, we didn’t have these problems. We knew all that we needed to know about life.”

The Living and the Dead.png

“Because God is not perfectly manifest anywhere in our World, we perceive that God is present everywhere…”

The Empirical Argument.png

“Job verses God is the Marbury verses Madison of theological law.”

Job verses God The Trail of the Epoch.png

“Value permeates every nook and cranny of the World. God is Value… No values – no world...” 

The ontological argument.png

“He cured the sick and fed the hungry…because it was the right thing to do, here and now, and because it demonstrated what might be possible, universally, in a time to come.”

Jesus Christ Revolutionary.png

“Both Johns looked out their respective windows and saw their worlds on fire. Both Johns situated their profound and ultimately hopeful message in that apocalyptic context.”

The Beatles’ Commentary on John.png

"Nobody wins democracy. It's not a possession, but a continuous process that requires everyone's participation."

Norman Lear_edited.jpg

"Summer is a season for resting and relaxation but also renewal and transformation."

Embracing the Sacred Season of Summer Who Will You Be at the End of Summer .png

"This black-crowned bird truly taught me three lessons today – compassion, bravery, and love. It’s a lesson I will cherish in my daily life."

An illustration showing a black-crowned bird standing over a blue fledgling, with its head

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