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Inside Our Spring 2024 Issue

“Our so-called World is a reflection without an object; it is the sound made by one hand clapping.”

Life is a movie.png

“Some folks are ‘happy’ living their lives on a beach; others need a boardroom; some need a bar.”


“Reciting the alphabet is like peeling layers off of a prize winning red onion.”

Alphabet .png

An astronomer explains the search to find its origins...

What is time.png

“You’ll end up living life as though you were counting cards at a Black Jack table in Las Vegas – in other words, profitably! But it’s still gambling.” 

What is time (1).png

“I want to repeal all the fundamental laws of Arithmetic.”

Arithmetic .png

“The occasional dragon notwithstanding, we hardly ever see monsters in Liverpool anymore.”

We All Live in a Yellow Submarine.png

"The Fed’s 2% inflation policy is a modern version of the Levitical program. It pays for the social safety net that is our way of redistributing wealth.”

Leviticus and the Fed.png

“Who has not dreamed of reliving a cherished moment, not through the ghostly shadows of mind but, like Job, in the flesh?”

Marcel Proust.png

“I am a spy; I can sense it, but I have no spy craft, no Bond-tech, and no ‘should you choose to accept it’ mission.”

I am Ageless.png

"...And I'm ever grateful for His guidance."

Fork in the road.png

“This is the first time I’ve seen AI presented with all the trappings of a new Aquarian theology.”

Techno optimism.png

Is the journey to the cross our stairway to Heaven?

Deborah Rutherford, The Journey to the Cross is our Journey Too Graphic.jpg

What's the buzz about? Our readers' reactions to Aletheia Today...

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