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The Fork in the Road

David Ritter

Mar 1, 2024

"...And I'm ever grateful for His guidance."

I came upon a fork in the road

and paused to have a look.

I was weary and filled with burdens,

ashamed of past roads I took.

The road I was on was battered and worn.

I feared another mistake.

So I bowed my head to say a prayer,

before choosing which road to take.


After my prayer, I looked to my left,

that path was cold, dark, and bare.

And I would have wandered off that way,

if my God did not care.

He spoke to me in a still small voice,

“Why not try something new?

You don’t have to keep living this way,

there’s a better road for you.”


I humbly mustered up the courage,

to step towards the right.

Suddenly I became misty-eyed,

in God’s glorious light.

The path was warm, bright, and peaceful,

His love gently flowed.

And I’m ever grateful for His guidance,

facing the fork in the road.


This poem is republished with permission.


David Ritter is a Christian author and founder of the website Ritter's Rhyme and Reason. He can be followed at these handles:

Etsy Store:


Amazon Author Page: 


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