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Yellow Submarine is much more than just a delivery vehicle for the Beatles’ 1960s musical repertoire. The film addresses important ontological and cosmological issues, and it offers some truly remarkable scientific insights in the process.

Yellow Submarine - Aletheia Today

Science and Religion should assist each other in pursuing the truth. Science can be too closed to the life of the spirit, the mind, imagination, thought, and creativity. Religion can be closed to anything new that threatens its perception of reality. 

Jesus and Mr. Spock - Aletheia Today

Traditionally, Nobels are awarded only to ‘living recipients’ and only for work completed in the preceding year. In its statement, the committee said it felt an exception was needed in this instance “in order to right a grievous wrong.”

Genesis scripture study - Aletheia Today

How vs. why... Science stands in the present and looks back in search of causes. Religion stands in the present and looks forward in search of reasons.

Hows and Whys - Aletheia Today

If I do my job in this essay, you may become a modern-day version of Coleridge’s Ancient Mariner, who “stoppeth one of three." You’ll be spreading the truth about Job to anyone who’ll listen. 

Studying the Book of Job - Aletheia Today

Why is this Christological formulation so important for the development of Christian theology?

Christology - Aletheia Today

The purpose of this essay is not to resolve, or even rehash, the Problem of Evil, but rather to situate the Problem of Evil in the context of an even broader problem that I call, ‘the Problem of Good’.

The Problem of Good, The Problem of Evil - Aletheia Today

Do our lives have meaning? You bet they do! But what is that meaning, and from where does it come?

Eternity and Mortality - Philosphy - Aletheia Today

God is his essence; we, on the other hand, are each free to create our own essences. Unfortunately, most of us are making a hash of it! Music elucidates the pre-verbal, non-phenomenal structures of the real world. Its meaning is not subject to logical analysis, scientific verification, or mathematical proof. The only test of music’s validity is its beauty.

Music Philosophy - Aletheia Today

The story of Mary Poppins is the story of one small boy’s initiation into the teachings of Sufi spirituality and the secrets of Sufi mysticism. When the initiation of Michael Banks is complete, Michael has come, at least in some measure, to know the mind of God. Not bad for seven-years-old!

Mary Poppins Sufi Master - Aletheia Today

“Counting the Omer – like the shemitah cycle – invites us to believe that each day, week and year is count-worthy, valuable and unique.”

Parshat Emor - Aletheia Today

Does this formal rigor seem like it would be inhibiting? The reverse is true.  It’s liberating! 

Haiku Corner - Aletheia Today

Is there any such thing as Vacuum Monster in our universe today? Sure, there is!

Philosophy for Kids - Aletheia Today

“I once filled the entire universe, but for less than a second. I am 100,000 times hotter than the center of the sun, but I am still a liquid. I am denser than anything in the universe, except a black hole, but I flow 20 times more easily and smoothly than water. Who am I?”

Philosophy for Kids - Aletheia Today

If God sent His only Son to earth, not just to save us from our sins, but because He knew how difficult it was for humans to believe in something we cannot see, why wouldn’t He still use that tactic today? Knowing our vulnerabilities, understanding us the way a parent understands their child, why wouldn’t God send us messages through people we trust?

Modern day prophets - Annie D. Stutley Aletheia Today

As a chaplain, I am allowed to talk about faith or pray with a client if that is what he or she wants. Like many people in our secular and even religious society, I am to be there for ‘those of all faiths or none.’ 

Being a Faith Chaplain - Aletheia Today

The biggest connection I made between music and spirituality was that they both focus on the present moment. When I managed to stay in the present moment in both the song and in life, I realized there was no time for anxiety. 

Drumming and Inner Peace - Magesh - Aletheia Today

My timing can lead to stress and striving, but God says not so fast, my daughter.

Pray While Waiting for God's Timing - Aletheia Today

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