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"What about werewolves, giants, trolls, and dragons? We don’t believe in them; they’re not real! Are they?"

JK Rowling and Pliny the Elder-Aletheia Today

“This movie includes a huge twist with cosmological implications.”

The Lego Movie and John Stewart Bell-Aletheia Today

“What sort of God would throw candy wrappers on a pristine beach? I mean, burning someone at the stake, well maybe, but littering, no way!”

Andromeda-Aletheia Today

“All gods are two faced…and that’s not blasphemy!”

Two-Faced God-Aletheia Today

“Once we get past skyscrapers and suspension bridges, we really have no idea what’s going on, do we?”

Pascal's Wager-Aletheia Today

“Nobody believes in Hell anymore…and that’s a good thing.”

No one believes in Hell-Aletheia Today

“Eat or be eaten, kill or be killed. It’s a terrible way to live! But we’re living it…(but) it wasn’t always this way, and it doesn’t…have to be this way.”

Middle Voice-Process Philosophy-Aletheia Today

“It is the uniqueness of events that 'creates' spacetime; it is not spacetime that makes events unique.”

Who Are You-Philosophy-Aletheia Today

"I would like to share how I create music, but more importantly, where my music comes from."

Credit Where Credit is Due- Magesh-Althetheia Today

“The state lottery is just about the only financial vehicle that offers certain folks a realistic opportunity to materially impact their economic circumstances.”

The lottery.png

“The eight beatitudes are a 'manifesto' for change, a change in the way we understand the world…behave in that world… (and) act toward one another.

Beatitutudes-Aletheia Today

"Job was, you might say, trapped in a Porta Potty right there in the desert, despairingly dejected and despondent."

porta potty-aletheia today_edited.jpg

“But deliver us from evil,” this last verse is the key to the entire prayer.

Psalm 151-Aletheia Today

"For a culture that values education, we seem to forget that our children need to be educated in the Word, not just the world."

The Fight for our Children's Hearts Starts at Home

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