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“Separated by c. 75 years, these men nonetheless faced a common challenge: Rebuild civilization!”

Jean Paul Sartre and Pope Leo - Aletheia Today

“If a world can or must…self-annihilate…then that world does not exist, never did exist, never will exist, cannot exist.”

Dante and The Beatles-Aletheia Today

“Some of us were waving copies of Mao’s Little Red Book; we all should have been clutching copies of the Old Testament.”

The Battle of Jericho-Aletheia Today

"Over the course of history, however, humans have just as often sought to trade their existential liberty for the promise, always ultimately empty, of security and/or prosperity."

Christian Anarchism-Aletheia Today

“The first known application of Occam’s Razor occurred 50,000 years ago, not in 14th century England as is generally supposed.”

Occam's Theory-Aletheia Today

“The ultimate pattern of events is determined, while the specific events that form that pattern are entirely undetermined.”

Boetheius-Aletheia Today

“Awareness is always dynamic; it has no spatio-temporal location… Awareness is not a property of entities, or even of organisms; it is a property of networks.”

Philosophy and Events -Aletheia Today

"So, it turns out that the universe did not have a lot of options when it came to structuring time."

Aletheia Today Magazine

“We must teach our children a totally counter-cultural model of nature. We must teach the doctrines of our Faith, not as exceptions to natural law, but as the highest expressions of natural law.”

Educating Christians-Aletheia Today

"...words are also just hollowed statements to avoid the truth. It’s far too tempting a cover-up. We love ideals, but we don’t like what they require."

That Time You blog by Annie D. Stutley on Aletheia Today

"We were both smiling from ear to ear, unable to communicate with words, music our only form of communication."

The Power of Music-Aletheia Today

"At what point is it okay to lie? Is life more important than one’s integrity?"

The Crucible Contest-Cabrini High School winner-Aletheia Today

"Finding footing in a world that appears to condone worshiping men can be incredibly hard, especially when that world extends past every aspect of your being."

How the Saints Taught Me Feminism-Aletheia Today

“Try to pose for yourself this task: not to think of a polar bear, and you will see that the cursed thing will come to mind every minute.”

polar bear.jpg

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