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Navigating Easter to Pentecost


Apr 15, 2024

"Jesus was always teaching. Teaching, all the time."

Wait. Pray. Teach.

I have been incredibly lucky as a musician to work with some of the world's biggest pop stars like Rihanna, Lionel Richie, Ricky Martin, and a host of others. I attribute my success to hard work and faith in the Lord. The music business, like everything else, has its seasons, and people act in accordance with these seasons.

For some reason, people seem confused as to what to do between Easter and Pentecost. Many feel uneasy, unsure of what steps to take. I feel I have a great system that keeps me focused on my faith. It comes down to three simple steps: Wait. Pray. Teach. I would like to talk in-depth about each of these three topics.

Waiting is easily the hardest! The world moves so fast today with new technology and our need for instant everything. In the music business, there is a lull in the time after Easter because most major tours have already been booked by this time of year. So there is nothing to do but wait.

That being said, I still like being proactive. I organize small club gigs with local bar managers and promoters. These shows are usually low-stress, although they don't pay as well as performing with a major artist.

Waiting requires a certain mindset. You have to trust in God's plan and know that He has a way for you. It's important not to get impatient and submit to temptation. In the music business, temptation usually comes in the form of drugs and alcohol. I'm happy to say I never engaged in these negative behaviors due to my faith in the Lord.

The period between Easter and Pentecost is a great opportunity to reflect while you wait. I usually write down what I'm thankful for in my life. I also look back on my past success as a springboard to create new motivation. I accept that during this season, I may not have an overabundance of work but more than enough to get by. This brings me to my next point.

Prayer. There is nothing easier than praying when everything is going well in your life. If you have had lots of uphill battles and challenges, it may not be so easy. Having faith that things will work out in your life is easy when you trust the Lord. I can't remember the musician who said, "Sacred as the prayer that asks for nothing." Pray for yourself but pray for others also.

I remember reading that Jesus was always teaching. Teaching, all the time. My life in the music was always hectic so teaching all the time wasn't possible. However, I always took advantage of teaching opportunities that came up during the period between Easter and Pentecost.

Drum clinics were the easiest way for me to teach. They were usually held at a music store on a Monday night. The music stores liked putting these on because a top professional would demonstrate the latest gear and talk about music. This always led to packed audiences which led to lots of sales! I liked doing these drum clinics for more selfless reasons. I got to teach others how to play music.

My favorite part of the clinics was the question and answer segment at the end. This was enjoyable because I got to interact with all types of people. It made me feel good that my experience could help someone on their musical journey. I feel we all have some gift. Something we can teach to someone else. Whether that is how to cook a meal, fix a car, or throw a basketball. Teaching is a great way of spreading love. This reminds me of Corinthians 1:13 "Love is about action, how a person lives for the Lord and obeys him and how a person lives for others and serves them."

A friend of mine knew that the period after Easter wasn't super busy for me and asked if I would teach at a shelter for troubled youth. I jumped at the chance! This felt like the perfect opportunity for me to really give back. I felt as though the Lord's talent was coming through me and now it could affect the lives of young people who were in vulnerable positions. Not only did I get to teach these young people about music and show business, but I also got my sponsors involved. The sponsors gave everyone in the audience a free pair of sticks and a book on drumming for beginners. This really put a smile on everyone's face.

So remember the next time you are unsure of what to do with your time after Easter. Remember this formula: wait, pray, teach.


Magesh has written for “Lessonface,” “Aeyons,” “The Modern Rogue,” “Euronews,” “The Roland corporation,” “Penlight,” and “Elite Music.” He writes several monthly publications on music education. In the past, Magesh has written for parenting, humor, mental health, and travel websites as well.


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