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The Sultan and the Sea Challenge

The Sultan and the Sea Challenge

First, read The Sultan and the Sea in this issue of Aletheia Today magazine. Next, take the challenge below:


Answer the five questions below and be entered in a drawing for a $100 gift card. (Hint: there are no right or wrong answers.) We will report the results in Issue #3 of AT Magazine (9/1/2022). The gift card drawing will occur on Labor Day 2022.

1. The Sultan disappeared from his Palace on the morning of his 25th birthday; he returned on his 75th. How old do you think the Sultan was when he got back to his Palace? (Choose one answer only.)

  • He was 25 when he put his face into the basin of water, so he must still be 25 when he lifts his face back out. _____

  • He lived on the island for 50 years. He was 75 when he dived into the waves, so he must still be 75 when he picks his head back out. _____

  • Other (please comment): ________________________________

2. How do you think the Sultan feels about what’s happened to him? (Check all the answers that you think are true.)

  • He’s happy to be home in his palace at long last. _____

  • He’s angry that his life was turned upside down like this. _____

  • He misses his wife and kids and his life on the island. _____

  • He is grateful for this chance to live two full lives. _____

3. What do you make of the Sultan’s Trusted Assistant? (Check all the answers that you think are true.)

  • He had nothing to do with the Sultan’s disappearance from the Palace. _____

  • He is responsible for the Sultan’s disappearance? _____

    • He did it because he was angry with the Sultan. _____

    • He did it to teach the Sultan a lesson. _____

    • It was his 25th birthday gift to the Sultan. _____

  • When the Sultan returns to the Palace after 50 years, how old in the Trusted Assistant?

    • He’s the same age he was when the Sultan was 25. _____

    • He’s 50 years older now than he was on the Sultan’s 25th birthday. _____

4. Now that the Sultan is back in his Palace, will his life be different from it was before his great adventure? (Check all the answers that you think are true.)

  • No, nothing will change; things will go back to being just as boring as they were before the Sultan disappeared. ____

  • Yes, he will leave his Palace every day to look for the family he left behind on the island. ____

  • Yes, he will leave his Palace every day, looking for new romance, hoping to start a new family? _____

  • Yes, will adopt orphans to live with him in the Palace. ____

  • Yes, he will learn a useful and productive trade. ____

  • Yes, he will move out of the Palace entirely and turn it into public housing for the homeless citizens of his realm. ____

  • Yes, he will turn the Palace into a $1,000/night luxury resort. ____

5. Our story occurs in two places: in the Sultan’s Palace and on the Island. Which is real and which isn’t? (Check one answer only)

  • Only the Sultan’s palace is real; the island is not: _____

  • Only the island is real; the Sultan’s Palace is not: _____

  • Both the island and the palace are real: ____

  • Neither the island nor the palace is real: _____

Please feel free to elaborate on any of your answers (optional).

Please submit your answers to Be sure to put "Sultan & Sea" in the subject line and tell us who you are and how we can reach you (name, email address, and phone number) so that your name can be entered into the $100 gift card drawing to take place on Labor Day.

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