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Be courageous, take

the leap. Dream it? Be it!

Faith…not just Belief!

(With credit to The Rocky Horror Picture Show)

Autumn empty now,

Leaves bore into soggy ground.

Birds fold into clouds.

(After Basho – 17th Century)

Somewhere in the void,

souls sojourn naked, awake.

We are Resplendent. (Richard Blankenship)

We build barricades -

Kith and kin and kind – Hide from

Our terror - the void.

(David Cowles)

Train rattles my ear,

Sun reveals magic to us,

A perfect moment.

(Jack Cowles)

Grits, butter, no cheese,

explosion of Tabasco

which cantaloupe cools.

(David Cowles)

You there, “Make snowballs!”

They crumble. Age 6 and a

Crooked arms dealer!

(David Cowles)

One caw of a crow

Turns all of the fallen leaves

A deeper yellow.

(Richard Wright)

Writing love poems now -

Planting season so long gone –

How ridiculous!

(David Cowles)

Drip, drip goes the water

How I wish I could use it

To wash the world away.

(Basho – 17th century)

Enough is enough –

Except when it’s not; voila,

‘Rithmetic is born!

(David Cowles)

I am entropy,

My touch unravels order,

Agent of Kaos.

(David Cowles)

Good morning. Eyes up,

Hearts full, Minds sharp! Compassion -

On full blast. Let’s go!

(after Lin-Manuel Miranda)

Editor's note: a friend and I engage in a very short ‘Haiku-slam:'

Hanging on corners -

Dark streets, dive bars, and the Ritz - Having fun with friends.

(David Cowles)

Sleeping on the tracks -

Flying first class selling dreams. Behold a poet!

(John O’Brien)


David Cowles is the founder and editor-in-chief of Aletheia Today Magazine. He lives with his family in Massachusetts where he studies and writes about philosophy, science, theology, and scripture. He can be reached at


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