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Aletheia Today Needs YOU!

David Cowles

Nov 10, 2022

“Satisfaction…is potentially limitless.”

Consultants Wanted!

Help us build our new online magazine from the ground up! Aletheia Today™ (AT) publishes Aletheia Today Magazine™ (ATM) 8 times a year and our blog, Thoughts While Shaving™ (TWS), twice weekly.  Check us out at 


AT is focused on the ongoing convergence of science, philosophy, theology, culture, and spirituality in the 21st century. We tackle controversial topics but we do so in a non-ideological, non-sectarian way. We welcome constructive controversy! New ideas and unpopular opinions have a home with us


The successful applicant must have mad skills but should also have a commitment to AT’s mission of promoting intellectual convergence in our increasingly fragmented world. This is a chance to earn some money and change the world, all at the same time. Would that interest you? If so, please read on:


Potential Responsibilities 

  • Strengthen our technology backbone (e.g., website). 

  • Enhance our access to and presence on social media.

  • Manage our metrics. Standardize fields and frequency. 

  • Brand AT/ATM/TWS: Logo(s)? Tchotchkes?

  • Help us turn our ideas into curricula for secondary schools.

  • Enable ecommerce.

  • Create ad revenue.



Modest. Currently, AT has no revenue; so, don’t quit the day job. On the other hand, we hope to generate revenue in 2023 and advancement is possible based on the overall success of the enterprise. We’re happy to share but “no one’s getting’ fat ‘cept Mama Cass.” 


Next Step: Is this your dream job or what? Tell us why you should join us on our quest. Please send us a cover letter of 100 words or less: Why you? Why us? And please, no resumes!


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