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Consultants Wanted-Join Our Team

Nov 29, 2022

Our goal: Heal the World!

Our strategy: Think differently!

Our tactic: Point!

We don’t teach, debate, argue, or persuade; we just point. We show the world as it really is, not as it’s been pre-packaged for us on Madison Avenue, in Harvard Square, and by Hollywood. We point, and we rely on the world to do the rest. Check us out:

“We’d all love to change the world.” (The Beatles) You can!

If you have mad skills in any of these areas, join us: Branding, Social Media, Data Analytics, Curriculum Development (for secondary schools), Revenue Generation (advertising and/or ecommerce), Website Enhancement.

Aletheia Today™ (AT) publishes Aletheia Today Magazine™ (ATM) 8 times a year and Thoughts While Shaving™ (TWS) twice-weekly, both online. We foster the ongoing convergence of science, philosophy, theology, culture, and spirituality in the 21st century.

Do you share our commitment to promoting intellectual convergence in our increasingly fragmented world? Join us!

Pay: As we are growing, compensation will necessarily be modest. So, we welcome consultants looking for a side hustle to their regular day job and are open to pay negotiation.

Still interested? Sendus a short note telling us why you might want to join our team and what specific skills you would bring to our enterprise. PLEASE, NO RESUMEES. Email us at

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