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Official Launch of Aletheia Today Magazine

David Cowles

May 31, 2022

Your exclusive look at the all-new magazine for believers in science and God!

Tomorrow, June 1, is a landmark day for Aletheia Today (AT). Tomorrow, we publish Issue #1 of AT Magazine (ATM, Summer 2022).

Our first issue includes a total of ten feature length articles spread over four departments:

  • The Great Convergence: Science in the 21st century

  • Philosophy

  • Theology

  • Culture

Features contributed by AT staff writers and independent contributors include:

  • Science & the Yellow Submarine

  • Eternity vs. Immortality

  • Jesus meets Mr. Spock

In the Tween & Teen section of ATM Issue #1 we have two articles:

  • Vacuum Monster (from Yellow Submarine)

  • Quark Soup

Our Education, Evangelization, & Prayer section includes prayers, poems, and short stories written by contributing writers to AT Magazine.

We want to engage with you, our readers, in every way possible. We encourage you to send us an email ( to leave comments on any of our articles, or to contribute something of your own for publication in a future issue.

In order to promote engagement, Issue #1 includes two Reader Challenges. We encourage you to participate in those, as well and share them and any other article and essay that you find interesting with others.

Finally, as a loyal reader of “Thoughts While Shaving,” we would like to offer you a chance to begin reading ATM Issue #1 right now, one day ahead of its official publication date!

Click here for a peek at our first issue. Let us know what you think.

- David Cowles, Editor-in-Chief, Aletheia Today

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