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Thank You for a Great First Year!

David Cowles

Jun 1, 2023

“In June 2022, we had 600 page views. 11 months later, that number has grown to more than 6,000 views per month.”

Today, June 1, is the anniversary of the inaugural issue of Aletheia Today Magazine (ATM); it is also the date for our first year 2 issue, our Summer Issue, released earlier today.

Since June 1, 2022, we have published 8 issues of ATM, each one packed with feature length articles on philosophy, theology, culture (including science), and spirituality. In that same period we published c. 100 issues of Thoughts While Shaving (TWS), our shorter form bi-weekly blog. 

When we launched ATM last June, we hoped to grow 20% per month in our first year. In June 2022, we had 600 page views. In May 2023, 11 months later, that number has grown to more than 6,000 page views per month. That’s a 23% month-over-month growth rate; we more than met our goal – thanks to you!

Needless to say, we have big plans for Year Two! We’re devoting the entire fall issue of ATM to artificial iIntelligence (AI). What are the philosophical, theological, cultural, and spiritual implications of this ground breaking technology, which some have called humanity’s greatest invention?

Do you write? We’d love to consider an article from you for our Fall Issue. Check out our writers’ specs: Write! | Aletheia Today.

We’ve recently opened ATM and TWS to both commercial and community service messaging. Check out our terms and rates: Advertise! | Aletheia Today

Finally, we are hoping to enter the world of ecommerce later this year. We’re building our store now. Stay tuned for more details, but most importantly, keep reading! And thank you, thank you, thank you.


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4. Aletheia Today Magazine (ATM) will be devoting its entire fall issue (released 9/1/23) to artificial intelligence (AI). What are the philosophical, theological, cultural and even spiritual implications of AI powered world? If you’d like to contribute to the AI Issue, click here.

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