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David Cowles


David Cowles is the founder and editor-in-chief of Aletheia Today Magazine. He lives with his family in Massachusetts where he studies and writes about philosophy, science, theology, and scripture. He can be reached at, @aletheiatoday on Instagram, Aletheia Today on Facebook, and @aletheiaws on Twitter.

God is a Bother!

Destiny Versus Fate

Moses, Machiavelli, and Morality

Is the Universe Real?


Mark's Marks of Authenticity

The Owl and the Pussycat

The Meaning of Life

The Frost Diamond

Dante and the Yellow Submarine


Marx vs. Mark

Sacramental Priesthood

The Wonder School


The Concept of Death

I'm Ageless and Timeless

Is Techno-Optimism a New Religion?


We All Live in a Yellow Submarine

Leviticus and the Fed


Marcel Proust

Life is a Movie


Philip Goff

I Seem To Be a Klein Bottle

Determinism...or Entaglement?

Should I Vote?

Robert Frost

A 'New' Old Theory of Consciousness

Mythology Before Marvel Comics

Home Alone

Is Childhood a Crime?

Political Alienation

Do You Know What I am?

Do We Need God?

Logical Positivism


The 'O Antiphons'


Do You Noh?

Is Childhood a Crime?

Political Alienation


Causality and 'The Bhagavad Gita'


Time for a New Turing Test

Is God Dead?

The 7th Day

Satan, Mary, and ‘Da Judge’

Is Childhood a Crime?

Political Alienation


Chatting with C.S. Lewis

Do Bots Know Beauty?

AI for Healthcare

Friedrich Nietzsche 


I Am the Walrus

Ship of Theseus

The Theology of Mikhail Bakunin 


Read on a Beach

Ave Maria

Albert Camus

The Comedy of Job

The Meaning of Life

Thrown by Heidegger

Apocolypse Now!

Ephesians 2:10

God's Will


Kabbalah and Thomas the Train

Whitehead and Zohar

The Structure of Prayer

The Our Father

Where the Time Goes

Mythology Now!

Morals and Values

I Seem to be a Membrane

Football and Quantum Mechanics

Messiah Redux

May Day

My Breastplate

The Lottery

Two-Faced God

Beyond Pascal's Wager

Returning to Andromeda

The Lego Movie and John Stewart Bell

JK Rowling and Pliny the Elder


Middle Voice

Who R U?


Psalm 151

Educating Christians

Past, Present, Future



Christian Anarchism


Our Inanimate Neighbors

Converge This! - Dante and The Beatles

Converge This! - John Paul Sartre and Pope Leo XIII

Job is My Superhero
Handel's Messiah
A Universe From Nothing
Bakunin Nailed It: The Sterile Socialism of Marx and Engles
Job vs. James, Rex
Christ the King

Football Math

Moore's Nativity

Be a Bee

Bible Read Backwards

What Did John See?
St. Paul's Lord's Prayer

Achilles and Tortoise

Prepare to Be Shocked

Systematic Philosophy
Is This Really All There Is?
I Wasn't Anything
Faith, Hope, Love
Cosmic Crossroads
Mommy Math Part One

Serenity Prayer

Xiako Can't Count


Learn to Swym

Speaking Piraha


The Final Psalms


The Nature of Time

Science and the Yellow Submarine
Part II
Part II

Competing Creeds

The Great Commandment

Shakespeare Nihilism

How to Coach an Undefeated
Football Team

The Sultan and the Sea

Jesus is Badass

The People's Creed

Teaching Physics in the 21st Century

Science and the Yellow Submarine

Genesis Wins the Nobel Prize

Hows and Whys

The Riddle of Job

Christology 101

The Problem of Good

Eternity vs. Immortality

The Meaning of Music

Mary Poppins, Sufi Master

Haiku Corner

Vacuum Monster

Quark Soup

David Cowles
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